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Welcome to Glossa School




Glossa Ltd offers a large variety of courses and programmes which will facilitate the integration of the participant into the job market or increase the participant’s linguistic knowledge in accordance with his or her own professional demands, be they cultural, generic, or specific. Moreover, the school tries to create moments of intercultural exchange, to give lessons on the history of the literature and art of each and every language being learned, and to enrich the understanding of different cultures and mentalities, approaching non-homogeneous customs and traditions.


The school proposes linguistic courses depending on the formation or requirements of the participants. In fact, courses are organized involving various sectors of the job market. Moreover, the school is equipped with a structure that permits it to impart lessons for any type of demand, whether it be individually or in a group.



The philosophy of learning and teaching at Glossa School is reflected in this metaphor:


 Teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross; then, having facilitated their passage, happily collapse, encouraging them to build their own bridges.



 Cultivate your strengths. What is hard for you now, you will one day be able to do it without any difficulty.


 Shape your own thoughts, and your thoughts will shape your will and your dreams will become true.


Last update: 06/05/2016